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IT Services

Public Safety and Critical Infrastructure organizations often have limited IT resources.  They cannot afford costly downtime caused by slow running networks, mis-configured systems, outdated firmware, or faulty hardware. Our Co-Managed IT Services offer peace of mind by reducing your costs, increasing productivity, and minimizing risk. Outsourcing your IT management of key networking systems to Modern Networks means you can take advantage of our extensive expertise while allowing your staff to focused on more strategic initiatives. 

Co-Managed IT Services are a blended approach helping you solve problems by offering our expertise to help you better manage your IT department.  Unlike a traditional MSP agreement where a Managed Service Provider would work directly with your end users, our Co-Managed IT plans have us reporting directly to you.  What we offer you is more than just proactive monitoring, analysis, and support.  We also help you with special projects such as configuration changes, new integrations, firmware upgrades, network upgrades, and any other technology consulting you may need.

Modern Networks Co-Managed Services can provide the following features:

  • Proactive Maintenance – Issues are resolved before they lead to costly downtime

  • Hardware Monitoring – We oversee your devices and networks to maximize their lifespans and minimize costs

  • Software Management – Routine updates and OS upgrades helps keep your network secure

  • Accommodate New Business or Technical Requirements – Configuration updates and enhancements

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